Baby Shower

Danada House in Wheaton, Illinois, is a unique place to have a baby shower in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Baby shower venues should complement the delight of the day while letting the lady of the hour shine. This venue for a baby shower is an intimate setting where loved ones can gather and enjoy a carefree event.

The sprawling country home is one of the most idyllic baby shower locations. Its white brick exterior is enhanced with verandas, walls of windows that invite the sunshine and charming nooks surrounded by elegant stonework. Inside and out, Danada House offers a variety of spaces for guests to gather, photographs to be taken and meals and beverages to be enjoyed.

When considering where to have a baby shower, many people are looking for a charming space that’s as inviting as a friend’s home. However, Danada House has so much more to offer than a private residence. The flexible floor plan in the Danada House makes it ideal for both large and small baby showers. Up to 90 guests can gather inside the main level of the house and up to 250 people can be comfortably seated in the atrium. Affordable options for any day of the week let you set the date for a time that's most convenient for you.

The baby shower can be as casual or luxurious as desired. For a smaller event, Danada House offers a morning and afternoon coffee break for up to 40 guests with coffee, tea, sweets and fruit. The host can also coordinate with local caterers for larger, more extensive meals or a dinner event. Danada House can be reserved for a baby shower any time of year. In the cooler months, guests can gather around the fireplace. In the summer, guests can spend time outdoors, taking advantage of the cool breezes and fragrant gardens.

The friendly staff at Danada House will work with the host to achieve the perfect presentation. Whether the baby shower venue is going to be adorned with pink flowers or festooned with blue balloons, the Danada House staff will help the client present a flawless ambiance. Its casual elegance, impeccably manicured property and professional staff make Danada House is one of the most unique places for a baby shower in the Chicago suburbs.