Business Seminars

There are many reasons for businesses to hold seminars. As an owner or executive, you know the value of having well-trained, informed employees. Bringing your business to the public eye is important as well, especially if you're looking to sign on new clients or pitch products to a fresh demographic. Danada House offers many rooms in which you can hold many types of business conferences. Located on 780 acres and sporting a variety of historic outbuildings, our venue is equipped to provide all that you need from tables and chairs to space for catered lunches.


Growth within your workforce is essential for there to be growth in your company. Rent all of Danada house for training seminars that include talks, presentations and classes and you'll have enough space for all of your employees. Our three porches offer relaxing settings that get attendees out of the office and allow them to feel at ease as they move from session to session.


The world of business is always changing, and it's important for all company leaders to keep up with the trends. Holding an educational seminar at Danada House brings together all of the thought leaders and key players in your industry. Schedule talks and presentations in the dining area or set up in the all-season Atrium for an inclusive discussion where everyone can exchange ideas.


First impressions are an invaluable part of making connections for your business. The Atrium at Danada house is the perfect place to hold a seminar in which you plan to showcase your products and services. The living room, the library and even the deck are all stunning areas in which to host speakers who can educate potential clients about the facets of your industry that are relevant to their needs. We can provide conference tables and chairs or smaller dining tables so that you can arrange your display area any way that you wish.

The extensive layout of Danada House is accompanied by ample parking to ensure that there's enough room for all of your attendees. Whether you're holding a seminar just with employees and executives from your industry or are presenting to the public, Danada House offers a unique event venue for business that makes your company stand out from the competition.

Choosing a venue away from your office space or commercial location draws in a bigger audience and brings your employees and fellow executives together in a new setting. The natural surroundings at Danada House can spark creativity and business growth that will benefit your company for years to come.