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Forest Preserve Policies

Posting of placards or signs containing advertisements or announcements of any kind is strictly forbidden except for those groups holding a valid Picnic or Special Event Permit. These groups may display signs to identify their location, provided such signs are temporary and removed at the end of the event. These signs may be no larger than 24” x 30” and are not to be attached to any tree, shrub, post, building, sign, gate or any other structure.

Danada House Policies

There will be a Danada House representative present at all times to insure the safety of all your guests and to assure that the facilities, grounds and equipment are left undamaged. This employee is authorized to prohibit or control any activity which is not consistent with the goals of Danada House or which could cause harm to the house, grounds or guests.

Food and beverage service must be provided by a licensed and insured caterer. A list of approved caterers is provided to assist you in planning your event. All rental items, flowers and food must be delivered and removed during contract period. Danada House is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged rental items.

Facility guests and caterers are responsible for the set-up, takedown and clean-up of the areas which they use during the contracted period. An additional fee will be charged for each additional hour or portion thereof that is used for these tasks. If the caretaker needs to arrange for additional clean-up, clean-up charges will be taken out of the security deposit. If the user or caterer arranges for clean-up by an approved cleaning company, no additional clean-up charge will be made.

The building must be left in the condition that it was found. All items (kitchen equipment, decorations, flowers, barware, sound equipment, etc.) brought in must be taken out immediately following the party during the contracted hours. It is the contract party’s responsibility to see that the caterers provide proper clean-up for all areas where they will be working.

Rice, birdseed, petals, etc. may not be used inside Danada House. These are difficult and costly to clean up. Balloons may require an additional security deposit. Candles with open flames, sparklers, and any type of pyrotechnical devices are prohibited.

Please do not leave the first floor or enter the restricted areas of Danada House. These areas are intended for staff use only. Limited use of the upstairs washroom and bridal party dressing rooms is permitted. However, smoking, drinking and food is prohibited in the upstairs area. When you use the house, you have access to the grounds area 150 perimeter of the house. Parking to the east of the house should be limited to staff and caterers. No parking is allowed in the turnaround. The parking lot has space for 150 vehicles. Parking is not permitted on the lawns. Valet parking can be arranged with a licensed and insured service provider.

Reservations will be taken up to 24 months in advance of the desired date. All contracts must be signed by an adult at least 21 years old. Outstanding fees and charges should be paid in full 15 days prior to the event date. Recognized organizations are not required to pay until 7 days prior to use. Companies may make arrangements to be invoiced for charges. For explanation of fee schedule or to make an appointment, call (630) 668-5392.

In the event of a cancellation, the Friends of Danada will retain a $100 processing fee if the Danada House and Atrium are rebooked. In cases where the Danada House and Atrium are NOT rebooked for the secured date, the Friends of Danada will retain the entire security deposit.

Parties are special at Danada House and we do all that we can to see that the individuality of each party is stressed. Please keep in touch with the Danada House representative about your plans so that all information can be kept up to date. Keep in mind that our experiences at the house can be helpful to you during your planning stage.

Thank you, we are looking forward to working with you.